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UK Legislation and how to comply


Clean air zone charges: where are the UK's low emission zones?

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Most diesel drivers have to pay £12.50 to drive into the centre of London from April 2019 and similar charges will creep across the country as other regions line up to launch clean air zones in city centres.

Birmingham, Bath and Manchester are all planning their own Low Emission Zones or Clean Air Zones - which will target older, more polluting cars in an effort to cut toxic air pollution.  Cameras will monitor traffic entering the zones to ensure that fees are paid, with the threat of £120 fines if drivers fail to do so.

Diesel owners will be worst-affected, as most diesel cars sold before September 2015 don't meet the latest emissions standard, known as Euro 6, making them subject to the charges.  These account for around 9.5 million of the 12.9 million diesel cars on British roads. The majority of diesel vans sold before September 2016 will need to pay too.  Petrol vehicles produce fewer harmful compounds, so cars built since 2006 will be unaffected, along with all electric cars and the majority of hybrids.

Heavily enforced since 5th January 2012, London has the largest low emission zone in the UK. If you are affected, we can help.........

ULEZ Image 2.jpg

Effective on April 8th 2019, London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will operate within the current Congestion Charge Zone, and will expand out to the north and south circular roads in 2021. Over a million vehicles registered in London face penalty charges if they do not comply.

Implementation date 1st September 2015, and affecting non-road mobile machinery over 37kw power output. Wider measures will be introduced throughout 2021.

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