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Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM)


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) for effective reduction of PM10's and compliance with Tier 5 emissions.


HJS has many years of experience and expertise in the field of exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Thanks to  innovative technologies and products we are making an important contribution to protecting the environment with our low emission construction equipment retrofit.



The HJS Sintered Metal Filter is available in 4 variations. Individual recommendations are made based on engine capacity, power output and the typical duty cycle of the machine. Each option incorporates the patented HJS Sintered Metal Filter, which is the only filter that can be cleaned with a standard pressure washer, with hot or cold water.    


SCRT Systems for Stage 5 compliance

The SCRT® system typically features an SCR catalyst and an Ammonia injection system for the reduction of Nitrogen Dioxides. Also known as Adblue, the Ammonia is injected into the exhaust stream after the DPF and before the SCR catalyst.

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Light Duty Filtration Systems (SMF-ER) for low usage or temporary installation

The Easifit SMF is the perfect solution for applications fitted with smaller diesel engines, where exhaust temperatures and running hours are very low. Whlst the filter does not regenerate, it has a high soot-holding capacity and is easily cleaned.

SCRT Systems for NRMM Plant and Machinery

The first Energy Saving Trust accredited solution for large plant, over 300kw, in the UK.  Piling rigs, excavators and more.

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Passive Filtration Systems  (CRT-SMF) for heavy duty applications

Passive filtration systems rely on higher exhaust temperatures to regenerate and keep clean. These are typically suited to machinery running at medium to high load for the majority of the duty cycle. SMF® technology has been developed specifically for applications in the medium to high power range. 

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Active Filtration Systems (SMF-AR) for heavy duty applications

Active filtration systems are required on applications where exhaust temperatures are below the required threshold for normal regeneration to take place. Additional features are built into the filter system to ensure soot particles can be burnt off, regardless of duty cycle or operating temperature.

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