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Our Services


       Emission Reduction for Low Emission Zone Compliance


       Noise Reduction for Environmental Compliance


       Fuel Saving and Engine Remapping for Increased Profits



Emission Control Technologies

Emission Control Technologies for all diesel-engined applications. The HJS range of products is the European market leader offering retfofit DPF solutions with the simplest and most cost effective method of cleaning. We can achieve 100% compliance with all UK and EU legislation. 

Industrial Silencer Manufacture

Cybrand AEC manufacture a comprehensive range of exhaust gas silencers designed to meet the noise requirements of diesel engine applications across all industry sectors. Silencers can be produced use absorptive or reactive principles, and are packaged to suit individual requirements.

Bespoke Exhaust Manufacture

At AEC we have decades of years of experience designing and manufacturing general purpose silencers for diesel engines used on both light and heavy industrial equipment and machinery. We can manufacture to virtually any design or shape from a customer drawing or pattern upon request.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion and ULEZ / CAZ compliance

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