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Stage 5 Retrofit Technologies - over 56kw

With numerous large-scale construction projects taking place across the UK, emissions targets are now being implemented not just at city level in some cases, but also at a project level.  HS2 is a prime example, with Stage 5 emissions targets enforceable across all relevant sites.

This means that large plant items are now required to meet the latest standards in terms of emissions.  With examples of this equipment easily costing several hundreds of thousands of pounds and still perfectly serviceable, an alternative solution to replacement is clearly required.


Retrofitting a solution to this equipment will extend the UK life of the machine thus saving resources.  Rather than recirculating these rigs to another part of the world to continue polluting the environment and replacing it, the process has reduced harmful emissions.


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) can be reduced by over 95%.  NOx can cause serious health damage to humans, including respiratory diseases. NOx is also responsible for smog and the typical brown cloud that covers larger cities and produces poor air quality.  

Cybrand and its technology partner HJS Emission Technology GmbH offer an Energy Saving Trust accredited retrofit solution for large plant, over 300kw, in the UK.  Get in touch to understand how we can help you prolong the life of your equipment and positively contribute to your corporate social responsibility charter. 

Exhaust mass flow Components


1.  Engine out tube

2.  Decoupling unit (flex bellow)

3.  Inlet module CRT

4.  CRT unit

5.  Outlet module CRT

6.  Decoupling unit (gas tight)

7.  SCR unit

8.  Outlet tube with rain flap

Exhaust mass flow components.jpg
Mining .jpg
Volvo engine.jpg
Mining snaps.jpg
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