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3 Filter Types - One Simple Cleaning Method


The only filter that can be cleaned with a pressure washer


The advantages of the sintered metal filter stem from its unique patented design. No other manufacturer registered with European Low Emission schemes can offer this type of product. HJS SMF® sintered metal filters guarantee high durability, owing to the unique filter pocket design that ensures a longer than average service life.


By comparison with conventional ceramic, cordierite or silicone carbide filters, the SMF® also has an extremely high ash holding capacity, which is another unique feature of its design. This is an essential advantage as the ash content from burnt oil can clog up a filter.


It is not only capital costs that are significant for fleet operators but also the fixed costs incurred when vehicles and machinery are in the workshop for servicing and maintenance. This can translate in to considerable downtime. Consequently, the fact that a sintered metal filter can be used in a vehicle or machine for many more miles than other filters before having to be cleaned means workshop costs and vehicle downtime can be significantly reduced.

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