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Retrofit DPF Scrubbers for NRMM plant and machinery

NRMM Emissions Certification


London's 'Low Emission Zone' for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

On the 1st of September 2015 the Greater London Authority (GLA) introduced a Low Emission Zone which affects a large number of construction machines being used within the Capital. With an estimated 10,000 active construction sites in London at any one time NRMM has been identified by the GLA as one of the largest contributors to poor air quality in London.

The NRMM Low Emission Zone requires that all engines with a power rating between 37 kW and 560 kW meet an emission standard based on the engine emission “stage”. The standards that need to be met depend on where the construction site is.


The Supplementary Planning Guidance was introduced on September 1st 2015 and applies to all NRMM with a net power rating of between 37kW and 560kW. The minimum emission standards for NRMM within London are detailed below:



  • NRMM used on the site of any major development, as defined in the London Plan within Greater London will be required to meet emission Stage 3A as a minimum


  • NRMM used on any site within the Central Activity Zone or Canary Wharf will be required to meet emission Stage 3B as a minimum


  • All eligible NRMM should meet the standards above unless it can be demonstrated that a comprehensive retrofit to meet both PM and NOx emission standards is not feasible. In this situation every effort should be made to use the least polluting equipment available including retrofitting technologies to reduce particulate matter emissions


What are the benefits of NRMM certification?

  • Increased awareness of your equipment and potential for increased sales
    (All NRMM certified products are promoted to supply chain and construction professionals via the EST Register and regular news bulletin) 

  • Assurance for buyers and enforcement authorities on the energy performance of products – use of the EST Endorsed Product brandmark in your marketing demonstrates that retrofit equipment has been checked by a specialist energy organisation

  • Competitive advantage gained by having your systems quality assured by a trusted third party

  • Potential for increased loyalty from buyers and referrals from authorities as you show commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.

Our EST-Endorsed Products give customers the reassurance that enforcement authorities can verify your machinery as compliant and fully eligible to work. 

Examples of NRMM include: 

  • Excavators

  • Bulldozers

  • Generators

  • Forklifts 

  • Mobile cranes

  • Generator Sets


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NRMM approval for plant and machinery
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