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Q. What does it do?

The SMF-ER diesel particulate filter removes over 99% of harmful PM10 particulate matter (black soot) from the exhaust. This brings engines that are Tier 3a or earlier, up to Tier 3b PM10 compliance.


Q. How is this proven?

The SMF-ER is fully accredited under the strict test criteria governed by the Energy Saving Trust and other recognised European legislators.


Q. Why would I need to clean the exhaust emissions?

The most obvious reason is to help protect the machine operator and others working in close proximity to the machine from hazardous exhaust fumes. In addition, increasingly more Low Emission Zones (LEZ’s) and construction sites now insist on Tier 3b emissions compliance from diesel machinery.


Q. What can it be fitted to?

The SMF-ER can be fitted to any diesel engine application, providing the correct size filter is used in conjunction with the engine capacity and power output.


Q. How long will the filter last before cleaning is required?

This depends on numerous factors including the baseline emissions level of the engine, the general condition of the engine, the number of cold starts and the total number of running hours.


Q. How do I know when the filter needs cleaning?

The integral pressure gauge clearly displays when the filter needs cleaning.


Q. How many times can the filter be cleaned?

There is no limit to the number of times the filter can be cleaned. It will not degrade or lose performance through cleaning, so it will last for many years providing it is used correctly.


Q. What makes this product unique?

This is the only product of this type that can be cleaned with a pressure washer and water, and then re-fitted. All other filters either need to go through an external regeneration process, or they use a ‘throw away’ element which has to be replaced regularly. Both incur significant additional costs.


Q. Do you offer spare parts?

Yes, absolutely. All components are available separately.


Q. What if I only need this for a short term to fulfil a one-off contract?

In addition to the sale of this product, we offer a Hire option, from 1 week upwards.


Q. How easy is installation?

All filters are supplied with a universal adapter cone and flexible hose to connect to the existing tail pipe. The filter assembly is supplied on a frame, which can be bolted to a canopy or secured using ratchet straps. We can manufacture / incorporate bespoke mounting


Any other questions?? Please call us!

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