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Diesel Emissions Indoors - A Growing Health Hazard

Finding a temporary solution to combat diesel emissions on machinery working indoors has never been easy. Until now that is...

We have just developed a simple system that allows owners and operators to fix our SMF-ER Particulate Filter to almost any diesel-engined machine, and link to the original exhaust using a magnetic mounting frame. This solves the problem where a filter system is only required for a short / temporary period, or where the filter needs to be switched between several pieces of equipment.

Installation and removal is performed in a matter of seconds, and is backed up by the unique cleaning procedure using a jet washer and water.

  • No replacement filter elements to purchase

  • Cleaned by owner / operator

  • Easy fitment

  • Can be switched between different machines in seconds

Call us today for a full appraisal.

0151 343 0330

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