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Diesel Emissions Indoors - A Growing Health Hazard

Finding a temporary solution to combat diesel emissions on machinery working indoors has never been easy. Until now that is...

We have just developed a simple system that allows owners and operators to fix our SMF-ER Particulate Filter to almost any diesel-engined machine, and link to the original exhaust using a magnetic mounting frame. This solves the problem where a filter system is only required for a short / temporary period, or where the filter needs to be switched between several pieces of equipment.

Installation and removal is performed in a matter of seconds, and is backed up by the unique cleaning procedure using a jet washer and water.

  • No replacement filter elements to purchase

  • Cleaned by owner / operator

  • Easy fitment

  • Can be switched between different machines in seconds

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Did you know we installed over 2,000 HJS Diesel Particulate Filter systems to vehicles operating in the London Low Emission Zone?

Our equipment is available for hire or purchase throughout the United Kingdom and beyond

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