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The Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone (CAZ) 

  • Planned introduction - 2021

The government has said that Greater Manchester needs to consider introducing a Clean Air Zone or Zones (CAZ).

These are areas where targeted action is taken to improve air quality, by discouraging the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone.

No vehicle is banned from travelling in a CAZ, but vehicles which do not have clean enough engines would have to pay a daily penalty if they travel in the area.

The funding to help Greater Manchester freight companies, bus and coach operators, taxi and private hire drivers and businesses move to cleaner vehicles would need to be followed by the introduction of a Clean Air Zone to help meet legal targets to clean up air as quickly as possible.

The Greater Manchester-wide Clean Air Zone is likely be introduced in two phases:

Phase 1: (from 2021) daily penalty for non-compliant HGVs, buses and coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles

Phase 2: (from 2023) expanding to non-compliant vans and minibuses

As well as cars, the following vehicles wouldn’t be liable for a penalty payment as their engines are cleaner.

  • Bus/HGV – Diesel Euro 6 engine (from 2013)

  • Van and minibus – Diesel Euro 6 (from 2016)

  • Motorbike/moped – Petrol Euro 3 (from 2007)

  • Taxis and private hire vehicles – Diesel Euro 6 (2015 onwards)

  • Taxis and private hire vehicles – Petrol Euro 4 (2005 onwards)

Contact us to see how we can help. Our retrofit SCR (Euro 6) conversions are available for an increasingly large number of vehicles.









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